I’m A Celebrity 2014: Gemma Collins Looks Miserable As She Arrives Back From Australia

Cheer up, Gem.

Gemma Collins was spotted looking pretty glum as she arrived back to the UK following her shock exit from the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here jungle.

Gemma, who kept her eyes covered by dark sunglasses, was biting her nails and generally looking all kinds of miserable as she landed in London, after lasting just 72 hours in the reality show.

And on top of that, she appears to be sporting a rather unfortunate fake tan fail in the hand department – Unless those are just some nifty, new pink and white gloves that she picked up from duty free…

If you’d spent longer than three days in the Aussie outback you would have had a NATURAL tan, Gem.

The 33-year-old shocked viewers when she called it quits before the ITV show had even really begun, with it not being long before the rumours started to fly.

However, the TOWIE star spoke to The Sun about the reasons behind her departure, and it’s actually a little bit sad. 

Gem revealed that her very, very short time in the jungle was tainted by THAT huge bust-up with her ex Alex Moss just hours before she jetted off to Oz

Y’know, the one where she called the cops because Alex allegedly assaulted her.

The star was apparently very tearful as she recalled how she struggled to cope with the aftermath of the fight which, when mixed with the trials and tribulations of jungle life, just didn’t sit well with the Essex lady.

She shared: “The jungle was harder than I ever expected, I am just not as strong as I thought I was.

“A personal and very serious incident that happened to me hours before I flew to Australia affected me in camp far more than I could have imagined and I just couldn’t carry on in there.

“It was my decision to go in regardless and I never expected not to complete my time in there. I am so, so sorry that I have let people down, but I had to make the decision to walk away.”

Hmmm, fair enough reason but we still recks she should have lasted at least a little bit longer.

Speaking to viewers as she left the jungle, Gem explained why she entered and left the jungle with such a record-breaking turnaround: “I came into the jungle because I thought it was going to be amazing but not one part of the experience was amazing.

“Walking into the jungle I wanted to walk straight back out again. Everything was hellish. I will never, ever, ever come to Australia again. I’ve caused so much trauma to myself.”

Err, unlucky Australia. Although, you DO know that all of Oz isn’t just one giant jungle, right?

She added: “I don’t actually think I’ll be able to work or move again until next year.” She also said that “playing up to the cameras” made her feel like a “puppet” and has left her pretty traumatised.

Who knew three days could have such an effect?

DON’T PANIC THOUGH. She won’t be giving up TV forever, adding: “I love working in TV but in the future I’ll make sure I pick projects that I can cope with.

“Hopefully I’ll look back in a couple of weeks and laugh hysterically but at the minute it’s all been too much.”

And by that sad look on her face as she touched down earlier today, she really wasn’t joking. 

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