I’m A Celebrity 2014: Jake Quickenden Continues To Flirt But Melanie Sykes DOESN’T Fancy Him

It’s all going on in the Aussie outback.

Jake Quickenden might have only just joined the rest of his I’m A Celebrity… campmates but he is definitely fast becoming the Casanova of the jungle as he continued to get his flirt on with both Kendra Wilkinson and Nadia Forde.

In fact, he has been cozying up to both girls so much that ex-footballer Jimmy Bullard couldn’t help but notice the potential love triangle forming, telling Nadia: “He’s on you a bit isn’t he?

“He’s got to make the choice sooner or later, he can’t keep this flirting up much longer, Kendra will get the ar**hole.”

Eek, something tells us that Jimmy isn’t much of a fan of the X Factor reject… 

And does Kendra EVER plan on telling poor Jake that her marriage to NFL star Hank Baskett is still very much ‘on’?

One woman in the camp who won’t be falling for the hunk’s swoontastic ways, however, is TV presenter Melanie Sykes, who actively told Jake: “I’m not in the mix. I just don’t fancy you, Jake.”

We bet he is gutted.

Although, is anybody else kind of hoping that ITV bigwigs throw Paddy McGuinness down a makeshift love lift into the jungle to sort this whole hoo-haa out Take Me Out style?

No? Just us? Moving swiftly on…

Campmates were visibly moved last night after they won themsevles a care package, which to us seemed a little bit hasty considering they had only been away from their loved ones for a week, but hey who are we to judge?

Reality star/ ex-Playboy bunny, Kendra, was the most emotional out of all of the celebs, sobbing her eyes out as she unveiled a photo of her two children, four-year-old Hank, and six-month-old Alijah.

She later explained her teary outburst, saying: “I don’t know what hit me, I just started crying. It was really cool to able to talk to each other about our families and show each other our pictures.

“It put the pieces of the puzzle together and made us bond more.”

We guess she has a point.

But the tears didn’t just stop at Kendra, Vicki Michelle also got emosh as she unpacked a heart-shaped cushion with a message from her kids on it, Tinchy Stryder showed off his sensitive side when he saw a picture drawn by his young niece.

Jake was stunned when he saw that his mum had packed him a photo of his dad and brother, both of whom have died.

The 26-year-old said of the photos: “To get a picture of my dad and my little brother is just great.

“I know they are proud and probably looking down on me anyway, but it’s nice to see their faces out here.

“It ups your spirits a bit.”

Irish model, Nadia, was slightly less than moved by her care package – a creepy-looking porcelain doll from her childhood.

She said of the toy: “It’s quite scary looking… It looked like Jimmy.”

A doll that looks like your campmate might not be quite as touching as photos of your loved ones, but still – it’s the thought that counts, eh Nadia?

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