I’m A Celebrity 2014: Jimmy Bullard Slams Jake Quickenden: ‘Why The F*** Are You Here?’

To be fair, we have ALL asked the same thing…

When you’re a celeb doing a reality show, the last thing that you want to be asked is ‘Why are you here?’

And unfortunately for poor X Factor reject, Jake Quickenden, that’s exactly what happened in last night’s I’m A Celebrity, when playful banter between himself and Jimmy Bullard got a tad personal. 

Last night’s episode saw a sensitive Jake explain to his fellow campmates that he is all too aware of his fifteen minutes of fame almost being up, getting tips and advice from the more well-known stars on how to maintain a celebrity career.

However, his closest pal in the jungle, Jimmy, obviously wasn’t paying too much attention to the discussion as he went on to target Jake’s lack of fame in a tense exchange later on in the show.


Erm, because Jake joked about Vicki Michelle confusing Michael Buerk for Jimmy, quipping: “You must have the same body!”

No really, that was all.

Jimmy snapped and threw a few naughty words Jake’s way, with the reality crooner just laughing it off, saying: “You can’t take it, can you?”

Jimbo ranted back: “What have I got to take? That I look like him? I don’t give a f***.

“Just because I’m the governor at Banter. You just get hurt you lanky piece of s***’.”


We can’t deal.

Jake somehow managed to overlook that cringe-tastic declaration, instead replying with: “You bite so quick. You don’t come back with anything. You get nasty.

“You get nasty, don’t you? It don’t matter. I understand, it’s fine.

“I miss the old Jim that you was when I first came in. The nice guy who was funny. Not the annoying p****.”

And this is when the former footballer dug in the claws as he got personal, telling Jake: “You weren’t (entertaining) on The X Factor, that’s for sure.

“I thought you had a bit about you but the more I’m getting to know you, the more I’m just thinking, “what the f*** is this pr*** doing in here? What’s he offering?”

“Why the f**k are you in here? What are you? What sort of skill have you got?

“What the f*** have you done? Picked a mic up?”

Ooft, talking about hitting where it hurts. 

However, 26-year-old Jake managed to keep his cool, calmly saying: “I said that when I came in. I don’t even know why I’m here myself.”

Aw babes – you’re there for the eye candy.

And we love ya for it.

The boys later proved that there were no hard feelings between them, with Jimmy dismissing the whole thing as ‘banter’, he is the governor of it after all, and Jake calling the entire incident “funny”, adding: “I wasn’t even bothered.”

Jimmy told Jake that he didn’t mean what he said, with Jake joking back: “I’m angry. If I was outside I would have knocked your face off your head.”

Erm, it may not sound it but it definitely looks like all’s well that ends well in the Aussie outback. 

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