I’m A Celebrity 2014: Katie Hopkins Dubs Gemma Collins ‘Big Bird’ And Blasts Her For ‘Taking Easy Way Out’

She was taking swipes at Gemma Collins as soon as she touched down in Australia, but Katie Hopkins has gone into serious overdrive now that she’s left.

K-Hops had some rather mean things to say about the TOWIE star after her abrupt departure from I’m A Celeb, blasting her for taking the ‘easy way out.’

Hmm… can’t say we *massively* disagree.

I'm A Celebrity 2014: Katie Hopkins Dubs Gemma Collins 'Big Bird' And Blasts Her For 'Taking Easy Way Out'
By MazSight

Writing in her Sun column, Katie calls the reality star ‘Big Bird’ and says: “Gemma had the perfect platform to show everyone who criticises her that she was strong.

“She was offered all the camera time in the world and a fee! To show us what she was made of… But she didn’t. Instead, she took the easy option and sulked, stropped and cried her way through three days (in Gemma speak, free days) bringing everyone else down with her.”

Oof – tell it like it is, yeah, Katie?!

She added: “She is the worst of reality excess, mainly because she let us down, and, most importantly, let herself down.”

Let us not forget that YOU are also a reality star, yeah, Katie!?

While we do think that K-Hops might have a *slight* point here, we’re totally *not* on board with her jibes about Gemma’s weight.

When she first entered the jungle last week, Katie kicked off the abuse by mocking Gemma’s hopes of finding a fresh outlook on life in the jungle by tweeting that “space station astronauts could find Gemma”.

That wasn’t the end of things though as she turned her acerbic wit up to the max, and proceeded to launch a direct attack on the 33-year-old’s body.

Which there was absolutely no need for at all Katie.

And, of course, it only got worse!

But, if you thought she didn’t have anything nice to say about anyone, then you’re wrong!

Well, sort-of…

But it actually appear that the rent-a-gob might just have a soft spot for Tinchy Stryder after all, as she called him “Cute as a button” – right before making a joke about his height.


Now that Gemma is well and truly out of the picture, we wonder who she’ll start on next.

It seems that pretty much no one is safe from the wrath of the K-Hops.

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