I’m A Celebrity 2014: Kendra Wilkinson Tells Edwina Currie To "Shut The F*** Up"!

It was hardly a surprise that Edwina Currie sparked the first I’m A Celebrity 2014 row, but Kendra Wilkinson dropping the F-bomb and yelling made us spit our tea back into the mug and pay attention to the TV.

Kendra and Edwina were never a likely couple for Jungle BFFs, but after a furious bust-up where Edwina showed us all why it’s never wise to argue with a politician (unless you’re Myleene Klass that is) Kendra was left utterly frustrated and fuming.

While the 29-year-old reality star was busy telling all the celebs about how REAL her documented life back in the USA is, she was left fuming with Edwina’s stinging response, and was forced to yell “Shut the f*** up” at the former MP.

Things all started to go sour when Kendra was busy trying to convince journalist and broadcaster, Michael Buerk, that she felt it was more natural to have a private moment on camera.

…no you did read that right.

The former playboy bunny explained: “That’s how natural it is to me. I believe we all grow because we share our experiences, our problems. We all have our intimate times. Why not share them?”

Because maybe they’re intimate Kendra?!

And, while Michael thoughtfully and empathetically nodded, Edwina was not so convinced.

Kendra continued her zen-like speech saying: “If you live in a moment and you do what you believe is right what is healthiest, happiest and best for you in your life you’d better own that and say I’m proud of myself, I have faith, this is me, this is my decision, this is my life.

“You should never live your life for other people, ever. ”

Edwina just couldn’t hold in her own views on err…Kendra’s views any longer, with the Westminster wonder woman exclaiming: “Did I hear you say you should never live your life for other people, ever? Count me out. I don’t agree with you.”

And that’s when the argument started.

A fuming Kendra tried to back-peddle and say that she wasn’t actually that selfish, but Edwina just wouldn’t let it go.

Completely antagonising Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend to the edge of sanity, and then straight over that edge, Edwina was left momentarily stunned when Kendra told her ‘to be quiet’.

But, while the other celebs – just Mel really – tried to calm a foaming Kendra down, Edwina seemed to have enjoyed the lively exchange.

Edwina 1 – Kendra 0.

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