I’m A Celebrity 2014: Melanie Sykes’ Husband Accuses Her Of ‘Sexting’ Male Model Before Wedding

He’s already accused her of domestic violence, but now Melanie Sykes’ estranged husband is claiming that she used to text other men behind her back.

Jack Cockings, who is still the I’m A Celeb star’s hubbie, has accused the 44-year-old of sending rather saucy messages to a male model just weeks before their Wedding.

So. Much. Drama.

I'm A Celebrity 2014: Melanie Sykes' Husband Accuses Her Of 'Sexting' Male Model Before Wedding
By MazSight

While the TV star is battling bugs and bushtucker trials down under, it seems that her one-time other half is VERY keen to spill all the deets about their short-lived marriage.

Classy, Jack.

He told The Sun: “I went into her phone and looked through her messages.”

Er… okay?!

He added: “She had been exchanging semi-naked underwear shots with a well known model. I was angry and hurt. I felt betrayed.

We had a big row because I questioned her straight away. She said she is a flirtatious person and said, “I am who I am, like it or lump it.”‘

Bizarrely, the 28-year-old roofer went on to marry Mel just a few weeks later, but the couple were plagued with issues.

Jack recently claimed that Melanie regularly attacked him whilst she was under the influence of alcohol, blaming the attacks for the eventual breakdown of their marriage earlier this year, with the final straw allegedly being in November 2013, where he says: “I was in the kitchen and she came in and went mental.

“She told me the whole marriage was a publicity stunt, so I started packing my things into black bin liners, but she was still trying to have a go at me with slaps.

I'm A Celebrity 2014: Melanie Sykes' Husband Accuses Her Of 'Sexting' Male Model Before Wedding
By MazSight

“I locked myself in the bedroom and rang the police because I wanted to show her that was she was doing was unacceptable. Two police officers took pictures of marks around my neck and face.”

 At the time Melanie did admit to an offence which lead to her spending the night in police custody, with the police giving a statement which read: “Police were called at 9.45pm last night to a residential address in Hampstead following reports of an assault.

“A 43-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of common assault and taken to a north London police station. She has since been given a caution for common assault.

“The victim, a man, did not require hospital treatment.”

However, Melanie later fought to get the caution removed from her police records. 

I'm A Celebrity 2014: Melanie Sykes' Husband Accuses Her Of 'Sexting' Male Model Before Wedding
By MazSight

Jack also claims that Melanie attacked him during their honeymoon in Mexico last year, saying: “She got stupidly drunk by the pool – in a complete state.

“I was sitting on the bed’s edge and telling her she needed to go to bed because she was so drunk. She went to slap me, but missed because I pulled away.

“She went again and I landed that one. The slap around the face shocked me – especially because it was on our honeymoon.

“It ended up with me restraining her.”

Jack added that the duo tried to save their relationship with counselling but failed due to Melanie’s inability to accept that she was doing anything unacceptable, with her former flame claiming: “She doesn’t like being told she is wrong.”

Hmm… we’re not sure what to think, but think it’s a *little* unfair that Mel’s not around to give her side of the story.

You sure as heck pick your times, Jack!

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