I’m A Celebrity 2014: Melanie Sykes Isn’t Coping With Jungle Life Nadia Forde Reveals

Nadia Forde has revealed that her I’m A Celebrity camp BFF Melanie Sykes is not coping with life in the jungle.

The Irish model revealed that Mel, 44, is struggling with camp life, explaining that the rigours of living with the other celebs are sapping Mel’s spirit and energy.

25-year-old Nadia said: “Melanie is not coping great in there. She’s low in energy. I think she’s struggling with the lack of food and everything. She’s getting edgy and irritated.”

Speaking to the Daily Mail Nadia – who has bonded and struck-up a friendship with Mel over past 18 days – said that one of the main problems in the camp for Mel is food.

The Yorkshire lass is apparently very particular about how the food is cooked, and when other celebs *cough* Edwina *cough* create a flash-point she is forced to walk away.

Nadia explained: “There’s a lot of tension around in camp, especially at cooking time – and Mel is feeling it. Mel walks away and takes a breather when it gets to her, but then she goes back. That’s how she gets through it, but it’s tough.”

But while Nadia has been released from the horrors of life with Kendra and Edwina, Mel is having to tough it out and keep her cool.

However, we’re sure Mel has had some good advice off of her co-star and former King of the jungle Gino D’Acampo.

So she will hopefully be able to get through the next few nights with Edwina and Kendra without turning them into jungle stew.

Cannibalism is never the way forward Melanie!

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