I’m A Celebrity 2014: Several Killer Animals Have Had To Be Removed From Camp

I’m A Celebrity is always a pretty scary show to go on.

On top of having to slum it in the hammocks, the chance you’ll be forced to eat kangaroo testicles, and the possibility of having to camp with Katie Hopkins for three weeks, there are all types of dangerous, deadly animals lurking around the site.

And now infamous show medic, Bob McCarron, has revealed that this year several killer creatures have been finding their way into the main camp and have had to be removed before they seriously injure the celebrities – Even putting our very own Ant and Dec at risk.

Menacing stuff, eh?

Bob explained: “We have found some pretty interesting wildlife in camp this year.

“We have removed several rough-scaled snakes, which are highly venomous and very aggressive. One was found near the toilet in camp, one was discovered poolside and one was found on the drawbridge where Ant and Dec walk into camp.

“We are always on the lookout for snakes and other dangerous animals – and we have a rigorous procedure to follow if anything is spotted.

“The team have removed three pythons from the camp, all during the night. And we have also relocated two funnel web spiders that were found near the bush telephone area.

“Behind the scenes, one funnel web was discovered under the crew’s male loos, which also caused chaos amongst the gents of the crew.”

And although none of the main stars of the show have been affected, many of the crew have been attacked by a bad case of, erm, ticks?

Bob added: “The most annoying thing on site this year has been a plague of micro ticks. They’re like a pin dot on your skin but the swelling they cause is as big as an apple.

“So far we have had 30 members of the crew affected. It’s serious. In fact, I have just sent a crew member home for two days.

“He has a swelling on the back of his head that’s half the size of an ostrich egg.”


The most famous jungle medic in town also went on to share what he has had to treat the celebs for, but so far it’s all pretty minor stuff: “I have removed four ticks from the celebs so far, as well as one leech.

“The unusual weather has made ticks more prevalent with the crew, although the celebs don’t seem to be affected more or less than usual.

“However, Tinchy has been bitten by mosquitoes, which are rife due to the mixture of heat and downpours this year.”


Melanie Sykes also had to be treated for a burn on her hand from when she decided to be a clever Carol and pick up a pot from the fire without a cloth.

Rookie mistake, babes, rookie mistake.

Proving that the campmates are just as glam as ever, Bob also dished that the stars are suffering from another kind of, erm, predicament, sharing: “Many members of the camp – over half of them – have been constipated for the past few days.

“This is normal with a diet of rice and beans and we constantly remind them to drink enough water to keep things moving.

“The same thing happens every year. We always end up sending in a big bag of prunes to lighten the way.”

Erm, that’s a little bit TMI actually, Bob.

On top of ticks, snakes, spiders, and constipation the campmates have had to have security tightened when it was revealed that there were TWO murderers on the loose in Australia, not too far from where the stars are staying.

We don’t know about you, but joining the celebs in the Aussie outback is somehow getting even more unappealing by the second… 

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