I’m A Celebrity’s Jake Quickenden Dating Carl ‘Foggy’ Fogarty’s Daughter Danielle?

After Jake Quickenden flirted up a storm with Nadia Forde in I’m A Celebrity AND angered his ex-girlfriend Victoria Skerrow thanks to her only finding out they’d split when he announced it during the show, the X Factor reject has apparently moved onto his next lover in the form of Carl ‘Foggy’ Fogarty’s daughter.

He certainly moves Quickenden when it comes to dating doesn’t he? SORRY.

I'm A Celebrity's Jake Quickenden Dating Carl 'Foggy' Fogarty's Daughter Danielle?
By MazSight

The 26-year-old reality TV lover and the superbike champion struck up a killer bromance during their time in the jungle, and it looks like the two are set to become even closer as Jake and Carl’s daughter Danielle are reportedly very much enjoying each other’s company.

Might as well start calling Foggy ‘Dad,’ right Jake?

#Janielle met after Danielle flew to Australia to support her dad during his jungle stint, where the two formed a friendship that’s slowly blossomed into a romance – so much so that Jake actually spent Christmas with Carl and his family!


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