Irina Shayk Shows Us Her Sexy Dance Moves In The Six Second Interview

She’s definitely more than just a (ludicrously) pretty face.

Irina Shayk is a professionally gorgeous supermodel, the other half to footie star Christiano Roanldo and now making her stamp in Hollywood.

So when we were invited to have a chat with Irina Skayk ahead of the release of her new flick Hercules we thought what better way to get to know her properly than via our Six Second interview.

You can learn a lot about someone from how they perform under pressure.

So watch what happened when Mrs Victoria’s Secret went up against the clock. 10 questions, 6 seconds to answer each, and no second chances.

Let’s see how she got on…

Sum up Hercules for us
Tell us about your part in Hercules…

You’re a supermodel, so surely you know how to pose for a selfie. What’s the secret to taking the perfect snap?

What three things do you always look for in a man? Men, grab your pen and paper!

Can you show us a secret talent?

What’s the secret to a body like Irina Shayk’s?

 Being a model and all that, can you ‘Smize’ for us a la Tyra Banks?!

Can you show us your signature dance move?

Irina Shayk, how would you rate your sports massages out of ten?

[Collabro take on the Six Second Interview]

Lauren Davis

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