Is Beyonce Pregnant Again? Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams Doesn’t Seem To Think So

Beyonce sparked a whole new wave of pregnancy rumours last night when she shared a photo of herself buried in the sand with what looked like a huge, sand-made baby bump.

Presented without so much as a caption, many fans took this as the final confirmation to a whole load of speculation that Blue Ivy was set to become a big sister sometime in the near future, however, her former bandmate, Michelle Williams, has now come forward to (kind of) deny these claims.

Hmmm, but would she really spill the beans on her pal if she WAS pregnant?

Or, more to the point, would she DEFINITELY be among the first to know?

During an appearance on US talk show The View earlier today, the gospel singer was asked if there was any truth to the rumours that Bey was expecting again, with the 34-year-old appearing to dance around the question before giving an actual answer.

Michelle says first of all: “Oh gosh, you know when she was pregnant people said that she wasn’t pregnant, there’s just no truth to it – SORRY.”

When asked asked once again ‘so is she not pregnant?’ the singer seems to be closely inspecting the photo, before analysing: “First of all, if you look at the picture, the baby bump is where her knees probably really are.

“So that’s probably… Y’know…”

Very articulate.

And since when was a two-year old having no real concept of body proportions when burying their mummy in the sand such a surprising thing? We reckon that we all need to cut Blue Ivy some slack on that front…

The flustered star concludes the segment with a dismissive: “All these allusions, just stop it – Stop it.”

And ironically, we don’t think that we have ever been more convinced that Bey is up the duff….

We’re sorry, Michelle, but we reckon you are either covering for Bey or don’t have a clue… Still, we would love an actual confirmation sometime soon.

All of this to-ing and fro-ing is starting to make our heads hurt…

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