Is Caroline Flack Heading For The West End?

All together now! “ANNND ALLLL THAT JAAAAAZZZZ”…..

So apparently, newly coiffured X Factor host Caroline Flack has got her sights set on the West End, and is apparently prepping herself for her very own round of auditions.


According to those ‘in the know’ at The Sun, The Flack will be trying out for the well-iconic role of Roxie Hart in the one-and-only chicago.

You know the one: lots of murder, the occasionally hanging, Catherine Zeta-Jones doing the ‘spread-eagle’?

All very much amazing.

Anyway, Caroline’s been busy running through her lines with some BIG theatre names dahling, as well as brushing up on her Strictly-honed dance steps and warbling like there’s no tomorrow.

But what with The X Factor just a few months away – as well as her new gig on Celebrity Love Island – how on earth will the poor lamb have time to BREATHE, let alone tread the boards of the West End?

A source close to the Flackster told the newspaper:

“This is Caroline’s absolute dream role. Her time on Strictly reignited her passion for performing.”

“That’s why she’s prepared to put herself through an audition. She is hosting X Factor and Love Island for ITV so it’s not like she needs the work, it’s just a project she’s very passionate about.”

“She understands the risk of the audition and the fact it means she might not get the role – but at the same time she has a lot to offer Chicago because her involvement would help sell tickets to the show.”

However, it’s not all about the cash money, folks. This has been Caroline’s actual dream for many a year now, and as our surprisingly well-informed source said, her time on Strictly has re-ignited her theatrical passions.

A friend of Caroline’s told The Mirror back in December: “She’s made it clear she’d love to do musical theatre. Now could be the time she gets to realise that dream. Already theatre
companies are sniffing around – they’ve seen  her potential.”

The Strictly champ also came pretty close to a musical theatre career in the past – she revealed last year: “I wanted to be in Cats. Got down to the last three. And Les Mis, Starlight Express.”

“Never got any of them.”

Aw, babes. Well maybe 2015 is Caroline’s time to shine?

We’re pre-booking our tickets just in case.

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