Is Lauren Goodger Going To Dish On Her Sex Tape In The BB House?

So, is this a confirmation?

Lauren Goodger, the former First Lady of Essex (as we like to think of her) is APPARENTLY (and that’s a BIG apparently) entering the Celebrity Big Brother house.

And guess what? She’s only going to go and set the record straight on her notorious sex tape.

(Yes, the sex tape that seemingly nobody has seen – which is OBVIOUSLY good news for Lauren.)

Appaz, the former TOWIE star is set to ‘dish the dirt’ on the tape which understandably made her feel, in her own words, “dirty and violated”.

And Lauren is speeding back from her holiday in Dubai to ‘prepare’ for the Channel 5 reality show.

According to our trusted and reliable sources at the Daily Star, one of Lozza’s close pals said:  “Lauren has got lots to say and she won’t hesitate in revealing juicy gossip about her ex-lovers.”

We bet.

Lauren’s apparent bessie elaborated: “She is furious about the leaked tape with Jake, and let’s not forget her former fiancé Mark Wright. They enjoyed a 10-year relationship on and off.”

Her pal added: “She will make great viewing and could cause hell for anyone who has crossed her in the past – and there have been quite a few.”

Blimey, it’s all coming across a tad Shakespearean isn’t it?

The part-time model was allegedly traumatised (who wouldn’t be!) after a six second clip was passed from mobile to mobile in the South East of England of Lauren in her PJs.


The reality star told New Magazine: “I don’t know what the f**k to think, it made me feel dirty and embarrassed”

Well, if she does go in the house, it’ll certainly be a series to watch, eh?

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