Is Liam Payne Pining For Danielle Peazer? Twitter Certainly Thinks So

Is Liam Payne pining for his ex?
Is Liam Payne Pining For Danielle Peazer? Twitter Certainly Thinks So
By MazSight

His Twitter feed is certainly suggesting as much this morning.

Liam, 20, left us all guessing after he posted a series of cryptic tweets this morning which some Directioners think could be about his ex, Danielle Peaser.

He kicked off his tweet binge with: ‘Can’t be without you’

Followed by: ‘Worse thing I ever did was let you go (sic)’

Followed by: ‘No all I got left is the thought of you’.


We, along with many other, just think that this all stinks of Payzer.

To fill you in -  Liam and Danielle were basically one of the most solid couples in pop until they suddenly split in May last year after struggling to make time to see each other.

However, some reckon that these are just lyrics from a One Direction song and we should all stop getting so darn excited.

Whoever or whatever it is about, we wonder what current girlfriend Sophia Smith makes of Liam’s lyrical offerings.

This week’s heat have suggested that things aren’t exactly rosy between the pair at the moment with the couple ‘growing increasingly distant’.

“Sophia’s worried that Liam’s growing more distant from her. He sometimes struggles to cope with the fame. It’s as if he’s taking it out on her,” a source revealed.

“She wants to be the person who helps him through the good and bad times, but he keeps her at a distance. Then he posts cryptic tweets like ‘nobody really knows me’ at 4am.”

We dread to think what she will make of these latest offerings.

Since the tweets were posted the Directioners have tried their best to cheer their Liam up with a slew of supportive messages and pictures.

C’mon Liam, we hate to hear you feeling so blue – would a massage cheer you up perhaps?

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