Is Paloma Faith Replacing Rita Ora On The Voice UK?

After telling us all over and over again that she’d ‘never let [us] down’, Samsung Galaxy enthusiast Rita Ora only went and let down the producers of The Voice by jumping ship and becoming an X Factor judge this week.

Which leaves us with an important question that needs to be answered. WHO ON EARTH IS GOING TO BE REPLACING HER?

Well, according to those apparently in the know at The Sun, it’ll be none other than red-headed socialist of the moment Paloma Faith, who is apparently at the top of the bosses’ list as Rita’s replacement.

Paloma, who won her first BRIT award earlier this year, appeared as a guest mentor on the show back in those halcyon days of 2012, where she joined fellow warbler Danny O’Donoghue to offer some ‘industry advice’ to the musically-inclined hopefuls.

However, when TUC biscuit enthusiast Jessie J ditched the show the following year, Paloma said she wouldn’t become a judge, because she wasn’t confident enough about her own talent to then judge other people.

She also criticised the show for editing her out too much when she first appeared, telling the Evening Standard:

“[The opportunity] came through them contacting my people, who said, “Do you want to do it?” And I said, ‘Yeah, but can I say what I really feel?’”

“But they just edited it out. I think I was maybe a bit too realistic. I was doing a lot of talking about how you shouldn’t really worry about this and I don’t really believe in competing in art because it’s subjective, so some people think you’re amazing but some people won’t – all that kind of normal human stuff that they don’t promote on that show.”

So arty babes.

Despite Paloma’s uncertainty though, the top dogs at the BBC think she’d still be fab. A source told The Sun: “Bosses think she would be great. They have been impressed by her forthright opinions and love her out-there style.”

Show insiders also said that Rita’s exit has thrown everyone working on the show, with question marks over the future of will.i.am, Sir Tom Jones and Ricky Wilson.


Here’s hoping that Paloma will say yes though – she’s utterly bonkers and will probably end up going off on one about austerity cuts whilst spinning on her chair, and it’ll all be quite fab.

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