Is Una Healy Pregnant With Her Second Baby? Let’s Examine The Evidence

She’s made no secret of the fact that she’d love another baby.

And if Aoife Belle is anything to go by, we are CLAMOURING for Una Healy and Ben Foden to have another mini Saturdays star.

But could the pitter patter of tiny feet happen sooner rather than later?

Let’s examine the baby-related evidence *puts on serious face and geek glasses*

1. A mocktail on holiday – Una captioned this MazSight snap “Mocktail O’Clock! ” (OK so we know not EVERYONE knocks back the spirits while the sun is still shining on holiday but hmmm…)

2. An ever-so-tiny bump in her swimmers - yep totally miniscule we hear you cry. Still, it was enough to get her hardcore fans asking the question.

3. A husband desperate for another bubba
In a recent interview with Celebs On Sunday Una said of being pregnant: “It was a really beautiful, feminine way to be. I felt so good I didn’t worry how I was going to look with a bump. Normally I get worked up about life but when I was pregnant I was the opposite. My husband says he loved how laid-back I was and he can’t wait to get me pregnant again!

Is Una Healy Pregnant With Her Second Baby? Let's Examine The Evidence
By MazSight

4. A quote to throw us all off the scent
“I don’t plan to get pregnant again anytime soon” Una added in the very same interview.

“I want to enjoy Aoife and enjoy being in The Saturdays, we’re having an amazing time. It’s nice to be able to give it my all on stage and enjoy watching our little girl grow. Then we’ll think about another one.”

So she could be TOTALLY up for being svelte and baby free on stage. But we’ve been burnt by these kind of “ruses” before *cough* olivia Palermo *cough*.

4. A cleavage and a half

5. A rather baggy dress on This Morning this week

The ONLY Saturday not to wear a crop top eh? Hmm the plot certainly thickens.

We contacted Una’s people but they refused to comment on the speculations.

We’ll just have to dream about a Mini Sats for now then…


Josh Feldman

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