Is Union J’s Jaymi Hensley Pop’s Answer To Karl Marx? Most Probably.

Isn’t politics just EVERYWHERE at the moment? You can’t switch on Strictly Come Dancing or I’m A Celebrity these days without someone banging on about ‘fiscal drag’ or gender imbalance in the lower house of the French parliament.

And now it seems that some of this political activism is slowly creeping into the sheltered world of the boyband, boys and girls. No longer the apathetic anti-partisans of days gone by, sometimes it feels like someone’s been handing out copies of ‘The Communist Manifesto’ backstage at The X Factor (probably ‘Red Mel’ Mel B…)

Anyway, the latest popstar to get all ‘Russell Brand’ on us is none-other than  Union J’s very own Jaymi Hensly, who had some REALLY important things to discuss with us all yesterday afternoon.

Jaymi, who’s political doctrine up until now has consisted largely of his Twitter bio (‘Labels are for losers! Be yourself not someone else! Stand for something! LoveisLove!’ – all very noble), had some ‘interesting’ things to say about WHAT THE RUDDY HELL IS GOING ON IN THE WORLD.

Oh, he also wanted to talk about running a marathon too, because WELL, WHY THE HELL NOT?

First off, Jaymi informed us all that he was ‘fighting for all you Green Party people out there’. Could this mean that we’ll see Jaymi decide to take part in a folk tour of the UK, that also doubles as protest against the expansion of fracking sites in the country? Who knows at this stage – the election is months away and there’s EVERYTHING to play for.

Jaymi’s stream of conciousness tweets continued throughout the afternoon, where he confronted the prospect of another impending recession, telling fans/political sympathisers that ‘Times are tough but sometimes you gotta pull through and be positive. There’s no I in team. We must do this and conquer the world ‘.

‘Conquer the world’, Jaymi? Sounds a little bit nationalistic for our liking, but we’ll roll with with it babes. Jaymi’s manifesto then moved onto running marathons, climbing walls, and – of course – the Greek economy, where he spoke passionately about the struggles the Greek people faced, informing us of how ‘The Greek economy is In a bad bad way’.

Thank God for Jaymi Hensley, because before he told us we actually had no idea how bad things really were in the home of taramasalata.

So does this mean we’re going to see an even greater pop/politics cross-over in the coming months? Will Ariana Grande be supporting Ed Milliband on the campaign trail? Will Olly Murs perform a stripped back version of ‘Troublemaker’ at the conservative party conference? We can only hope so, because SOMEONE needs to get the youth of today mobilised – AM I RIGHT JAYMI?!

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