Is Zayn Malik Rejoining One Direction? #WelcomeBackTo1DZayn Trend Causes Worldwide Twitter Meltdown

When we woke up this morning and saw that #WelcomeBackTo1DZayn was trending worldwide on ever-reliable Twitter, we almost fell out of beds, cried, and screamed all in one go.

But then, of course, when we dived into the hundreds and thousands of tweets we realised that actually, the whole thing was a hoax – or maybe just a mean joke? – and no, Zayn Malik was not rejoining his brothers and making One Direction a five piece again.

Saying that, could it ever really be the same even if he did come back?

Even though the whole palava is very, very untrue, the hashtag is continuing to trend across the globe and we couldn’t help but lol at the fans’ typically on-point reaction to all of the hoo-haa:

Gah, you literally have to love a good, old-fashioned 1D reaction pic, don’tcha?

Kudos to the fandom for once again proving how brilliantly hilair that they can be, even in the middle of all of these mean rumours.


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Erin McCarthy

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