Jacqueline Jossa And Dan Osborne’s Baby Ella WILL Appear In The Only Way Is Essex

Jacqueline Jossa and Dan Osborne‘s daughter has only been in the world for five minutes but they’re already thinking about her small screen debut, with TOWIE star Dan revealing that she’ll deffo be featuring in The Only Way Is Essex sometime soon.

Sadly, there’s still no word on whether the bundle of joy will also be joining mummy at work as onscreen character Lauren Branning’s child with Peter Beale….


Speaking to OK! magazine, Dan said when asked if his daughter will appear on the reality show: “I believe so.

“They want to get her on there as soon as they can, as everyone is excited to meet her. I haven’t filmed much of the new series yet, but I’ll be busy.”

Er, we think you might be just a *tad* busy at home as well as work, babes.

Anyways, when Ella does join the show she will be in good company, with Billie Faiers’ kicking off the next generation of castmates with her baby daughter, Nelly, last year.

Too. Cute.

Meanwhile, 23-year-old Jacqueline hasn’t had any thought about returning to EastEnders after her maternity leave, explaining: “I haven’t really thought about it, I can’t really imagine working at the moment.

“But I love my job, so I’m lucky. It must be harder for people who don’t like their job so I wouldn’t moan about anything, as I’m lucky to like what I do.”

Despite not missing the soap just yet, the actress still couldn’t believe the coincidental timing of Ella’s birth, with the little’un being brought into the world last week – just before EastEnders’ much-hyped ‘live week’ kicked off to celebrate their 30 year anniversary.

And although she was up to her knees in nappies, baby sick, and breastfeeding while the show was on, Jacqueline was still sure to watch every episode, sharing: “I was gutted to miss out on the show!

“I was still really excited to watch it and I was in it as they gave me the chance to pre-record some scenes, as they obviously wanted me.

“I feel lucky to be involved, but I would have liked to do a live show – I’ll have to wait until the 40th anniversary! 

“But I was glued to the live shows while breastfeeding.”

Starting little Ella as an EastEnders fan already? We definitely approve.

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