Jacqueline Jossa Defends Dan Osborne’s TOWIE Ibiza Antics As She Tweets About Growing Baby Bump

She’s bored of the rumours, and who can blame her?

Pregnant Jacqueline Jossa has hit back at rumours surrounding her relationship with The Only Way Is Essex’s  Dan Osborne in quite a tremendous fashion.

The couple were yet again plagued with split allegations when it looked as though the EastEnders actress had tweeted a passive-aggressive message aimed at her baby daddy on Sunday.

She wrote: “Soo cringe, Asif you can’t see the big man with a massive camera!! Atleast act like your enjoying yourself.”

Moments BEFORE a  photo of Dan surrounded by bikini-clad babes in Ibiza emerged online.

The key word is, BEFORE.

However, the coincidental timing still had people gossiping and speculating that the tweet was indeed aimed at 23-year-old Dan, so Jacqueline has lept to her boyfriend’s defense.

In response to a tweet from Now magazine which was speculating about the couple’s relationship, the 21-year-old wrote: “so boring. Please get your facts right, I tweeted before dan put a picture up, Daniel is aloud to have fun in Ibiza. Just stop”

If that doesn’t end the gossip then we don’t know what will.

Jacqueline followed up by sharing her excitement at her growing bump, writing: “My bump is coming on nicely grow baby grow!! #cute”

#cute FOR SURE.

The lovebirds shocked us all last month when they announced that they were “thrilled” to be expecting their first baby together, however, just two weeks after the announcement there were rumours of trouble in paradise.

It was believed that the reality star’s strong relationship with Megan, his ex girlfriend and mother of his first child, Teddy, had put a strain on his relationship with Jacqueline.

Dan, 23, added fuel to the fire when he opened up to Star magazine about the tricky nature of balancing Jacqueline and his ex, saying: “It’s a really difficult situation. It’s not easy for Megan. 

“I’m obviously in the middle but I’m trying to do the best I can for her, Jacqueline, and of course Teddy. 

“We are trying to work through it all together.”

However, earlier this month Jacqueline, who plays Lauren Branning in the BBC One soap, showed her unwavering support for her hunky Essex lad by supporting him in his stripping debut in The Dreamboys.

The TOWIE star showed off his hunky body as he removed every inch of clothing, covering his unmentionables with just a sailor’s hat.

Far from being jealous of everybody else getting a glimpse of her man, 21-year-old Jacqueline had a whale of a time; unable to hide her excitement on Twitter the EastEnders actress wrote: “Woo !!! Take it off !!!!” as the show began.

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