Jacqueline Jossa Shows Off HUGE Baby Bump After Spending Christmas With Dan Osborne

After months of concealing her pregnancy on EastEnders, Jacqueline Jossa’s hu-ge baby bump seems to have appeared overnight.

The actress took to MazSight yesterday to show off her growing tummy, captioning the pic with: “Getting big now!! ❤️“:

Erm, you could say THAT again, babes.

Gorgeous Jacqueline is expecting her first baby in February, but she and TOWIE boyfriend, Dan Osborne, have been keeping tantalizingly schtum about the sex of their little’un.


After a whirlwind few months that have seen the couple plagued with split rumours, not to mention Dan’s ex girlfriend coming forward to claim that she’d bonked the Essex lad the week before Christmas, the two appear to be enjoying a relaxing, drama-free festive break, and they have the selfies to prove it.

Just in case you’ve been buried under a pile of turkey leftovers and wrapping paper for the last week, Megan Tomlin, who is Dan’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his first child, Teddy, took to MazSight last week for a somewhat bitter rant, where she viciously accuses 22-year-old Jacqueline of getting pregnant to keep a hold of Dan.

She ranted:”Lesson in life 1 — If you don’t want to be a single mum don’t PLAN a pregnancy without the guy knowing.

“2 (rewind a year to when I was pregnant) a good person doesn’t get involved with a guy who came out of a relationship after a matter of weeks and has a baby on the way. 3, rebound relationships never last.”

Megan then threw in an almighty parting shot, claiming that she’d slept with Dan while he’s been in Liverpool preparing for his panto run, signing-off:

“Finally have a lovely time in Liverpool in the bed I was in just last week (mind you wouldn’t be the first time you’ve tried jumping in my place).”

Ooft, did we mention that this was on Christmas bloomin’ Eve?


Thankfully, it didn’t look as though Megan’s words had ANY kind of impact on our fave ‘Enders lady, with the star keeping a dignified silence as she took selfies with her loved ones and snapshots of her bump.

Good on ya, Jacqueline – don’t let the haterz bring you down.

And Megan? Perhaps your New Years Resolution should be to be a little bit nicer to your ex-boyf’s new girlfriend.

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