Jake Quickenden IS Dating Carl Fogarty’s Daughter Danielle, Has Fallen ‘Hook, Line And Sinker’

After it was rumoured that he spent Christmas with Carl Fogarty’s daughter Danielle, Jake Quickenden has finally admitted that he’s found love with the gorgeous girl.


The two reportedly met via Carl after Danielle flew to Australia to support her dad, who was later crowned King of the Jungle, and hit it off so well, they spent Christmas together.

Jake Quickenden IS Dating Carl Fogarty's Daughter Danielle, Has Fallen 'Hook, Line And Sinker'
By MazSight

There’s nothing more romantic than a kiss under the mistletoe and a sprinkling of snow, right?

Now, the 26-year-old reality TV star has admitted that he’s fallen pretty hard for the lovely Danielle, 23, and that he reckons it’s love.

Altogether now: AWWW!

Speaking to the Daily Star, he revealed: “I am hook, line and sinker at the moment. I can happily say it is love.

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