James Arthur Admits He Was ‘A Bit Of A D*ck’ In The Past At V Festival

Welcome back, Mr Arthur!

James Arthur has apologized for acting like a ‘bit of d*ck’ this year after he got all emosh onstage at V Festival after receiving such a good response from the crowd.

We will admit – we were slightly concerned when we heard James would be making his ‘comeback’ gig at the pop festival.

After all, we are talking about where Cher Lloyd famously got bottles of wee chucked at her just two years ago.

However, this X Factor winner was met with a whole lot of love taking to the stage in Chelmsford. N’aw.

He took the opportunity onstage to address his wayward past which culminated in him being dropped by Syco earlier this year.

“Thank you for sticking around for the whole set” he said. “I’ve been a bit of a d**k in the past. I’ve made some mistakes…All that matters is love and positivity.”

He even sung his X Factor ‘Winner’s Song’ Impossible calling it ‘the song that got me here’.

Speaking to heat Radio afterwards, he added: ”I’m in a great place to make music and be an artist and public figure again. It’s been the biggest fight of my life – I’ve come up against it with anxiety and depression but I’m come out of it and on the other side, and I’m good…I’m really really happy.”

”I didn’t know the magnitude of that disease until it really set in for me, and people who have it don’t early know how to talk about it, or feel afraid to talk about it.”

”And as soon as I did, it changed completely. I opened up to a few people and I’m now very happy with the person I am today.”

Excellent to hear, James. Now, just make all the gay slurs/ Twitter outbursts/ gross kiss and tells stay where they belong – in the past.

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