James Corden Forced To Film Late Late Show On The Roof Following Studio Fire

To all those James Corden haterz who reckon that the star isn’t cut out for American television hosting, he has only gone and proved you all wrong by highlighting what an utter professional he is.

During this week’s episode of James’ CBS chat show ‘The Late Late Show’, Jimbo was so engrossed in his guests Helen hunt and Nicholas Hoult that he was completely oblivious to the growing fire consuming a nearby studio.

No doubt distracted by Nicholas’ glorious cheekbones, the viewing audience could only look on in confusion as smoke and flames gradually started to appear in a building across the lot from James’ set, before a fire alarm eventually went on and the studio was evacuated.

Probs not what you want to happen midway through an interview tbh.

However, the British comedian proved that he isn’t above improvising when it comes to his Critic’s Choice Awards nominated show, laughing in the face of inconvenience as he settled his guests and studio audience on the roof of the potentially burning building to pick up where they left off.

He even found a rather fetching shawl to keep Helen warm, how’s that for good hosting skills, eh?

Nick and Helen also showed themselves to be troopers as they sat under the grey skies and carried on talking to James about knitting like it was absolutely no biggie.

Gold stars all round guys, you’ve earned ‘em.

Despite this week’s show being pretty bloomin’ fun thanks to the fire-related drama, it is next week’s ep that we are really looking forward to after James nabbed himself the first official OT4 interview with his bezzie mates One Direction.

Promising a whole load of surprises, our fave four boys are sure to be in good hands, and we’re glad to now know that the fire safety procedures for The Late Late Show are enough to secure the lads’ safety AND guarantee that we still get the full interview.

Although hopefully things will go a lot more smoothly in the studio next time around…

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