James Corden Tweets About Finding Tom Felton’s Passport At LAX Airport, Tom Offers To Buy It Back

So, on top of having an entire host of celeb bezzie mates, getting his snog on with both Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, and breaking America with his new TV show, James Corden has proven that he gets all the luck after finding Harry Potter star Tom Felton’s passport at LAX airport.

What are the chances, eh?

Taking to his Twitter account to document the strange coincidence, the comedian quipped: “Anyone wanna buy @TomFelton ‘s passport?

“I just found it at LAX, it’s yours for £50 x”

Bargain, we’ll take it, babes.

However, there is a slight chance that ol’ Jimmy boy might actually just be pulling our leg, as Tom has been frantically posting on his own Twitter account that he has been ever so slightly forgetful on his latest trip overseas.

The 27-year-old broke the heartbreaking news that he’d misplaced both his phone and his passport with a hilair Draco Malfoy meme, writing: “Losing my passport and my phone in one day, makes me feel…. [Like a boss].”

At least he has a sense of humour about it, eh?

Tom then revealed that his phone had been returned to its “rightful owner”, but was currently stuck in New York thanks to his lack of travel documents, sharing: “Wanted: @TomFelton’s passport. Last seen (possibly) at LAX airport. Who found it?

“Stuck in NYC.”

We could think of worse places to be stuck, tbh.

Responding to James’ claim that he had ‘found’ the passport, Tom responded: “@JKCorden I’ll give you £51 for it and dinner on me @McDonalds #kidsmeal”.

Well, that sounds like an offer James can’t refuse.

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