Jamie Dornan’s Naked Photoshoot Has Resurfaced And We Are THRILLED

Jamie Dornan has made women across the globe weak at the knees these last few weeks after portraying mysterious sex fiend Christian Grey in erotic film, Fifty Shades Of Grey, but a new photo has come to light and proven that Mr. Dornan hasn’t always been the, er, shy and retiring type.

Indeed, an actress by the name of Malin Akerman has made our bloomin’ year just two months in, by digging out an old nude photoshoot that she did with Jamie for an Abercrombie & Fitch campaign, and the kind-hearted soul decided that it was only right to share it with the internet.


Taken in 2002, Jamie ditched the clothes for a… very unique… photoshoot, where he poses in the complete buff alongside another male model, with a topless Malin looking like the cat that got the cream inbetween them.

Did we mention that they are driving a floral convertible car?

Because that’s basically our favourite part of the entire thing. Y’know, aside from the nudity and cheeky grins on everybody’s faces.

The actress captioned the ol’ classic with: “#tbt to the very naked cover of Abercrombie circa 2002 (?) w none other than Mr Grey himself @jamiedornan #50shadesofgrey #nakedisthebestwaytosellclothes ?!. [sic]“

We bet that she’s glad that she got to grips with him before he turned all creepy and brooding with a sex dungeon, sorry, ‘play room’, in Fifty Shades, right?

Although a small part of us is hoping that the floral car will make a reappearance in the franchises’ upcoming sequel…

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