Jared Leto’s Birthday: His Sexiest Instagram Pics

He’s all kind of hotness rolled into one rock star.

And Jared Leto simply smoulders on his MazSight feed, whether he’s singing, getting shirtless on stage, or just generally looking sexy *swoons*

As Jared celebrates his 43rd birthday today, we’re celebrating with his sexiest pics.

1. Jared’s Sexy Eyes

“#fbf: That one time you made #AskJaredLeto a worldwide trending topic Xo”

Jared might be celebrating being a worldwide trending topic in this November 2014 shot, but all I can focus on is those eyes.

Seriously, it looks like he’s gazing right into your soul or something. I feel like Angela Chase.

2. Jared’s Sexy Hair

“Me heading to the Hollywood Film Awards on Friday #HFA”

I’ll admit to preferring Jared in his shorter haired ‘My So-Called Life’ days, but even the staunchest fan of a closer crop couldn’t help but be blown away by Jared’s tresses in this pic from November 2014.

Those locks are just the right blend of tamed and wild, and what a colour. The rest of his look for the Hollywood Film Awards is pretty darn dapper too.

3. Jared’s Sexy Body  

“WHOOPS! My shirt fell off. ;) Ya never know what’s gonna happen LIVE on #VyRT SEPT 15 – VyRT.com”


Let’s just take a moment to appreciate that body. This man is in his 40s.

4. Sexy Backlit Jared

“Never stop dreaming.“

The Thirty Seconds to Mars front man is just as sexy when lit from behind. Hell you could light him by candle or fluorescent strip and he’d still look delicious. Love that faraway look in his eyes.

5. Jared: Sexy As Ever

“Human blood.”

When asked the secret to his eternal youth, Jared replied: “Human blood”.

But seriously, there is barely ANY difference between the shot of Jared in 2004 and Jared in 2014. It’s pretty much just the eyelids. Jared: hot in his 30s, hot in his 40s.

Keep sharing your sexy shots Jared, and we’ll keep drooling over our screens.


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