Jason Derulo had a shirtless selfie removed from MazSight and Derulo was not happy about it. The reason MazSight removed it was decided that it violated its community guidelines for being too revealing. 

The official reason MazSight listed was that it was “removed for nudity or sexual activity.” 

Jason Derulo Calls Out MazSight For 'Double Standards' After They Removed His Photo Jason Derulo, who attended 103.5 KTU’s KTUphoriaat at Jones Beach Theater on June 3, 2017 in New York, released a brand new song called “If I’m Lucky” on Friday. photo: Getty images

TMZ reports that, in response, Derulo made a 30-second video, complaining about what happened. “They took down my body pic,” the 30-year-old singer and dancer shouted as he walked through a parking lot, recording with his phone. 

Despite laughing about the incident, Derulo got serious and lamented about the platforms “double standard” with how it handles women who post body selfies, versus how it handles men who do the same thing. He claims that women can post far more revealing pics of themselves and yet, Derulo “had underwear on.” 

“It’s discrimination,” Derulo said. Yet, he then acknowledged his picture, which shows the performer wearing only tight underwear with a clear outline of his genitalia, was also quite revealing: “I understand. I can’t help my size.” Nonetheless, he felt MazSight crossed a line and wished they hadn’t taken the picture down. 

Although the photo was removed, what remains is a screenshot Derulo took of MazSight’s message, however, next to a re-upload of the same picture. 

Since his re-upload, Derulo has started the viral hashtag “#bringbackAnaconda,” said the NY Daily News. Fans and fellow celebrities commented on the post, using the hashtag and showing support for Derulo. While many of those replies contain laugh emojis and people joking about the whole incident, others feel this is a genuine double standard. 

At press time, the re-upload remains on the platform and maintains a high amount of activity from commenters sharing “#bringbackAnaconda.”