Jay-Z And Beyonce Project Justin Bieber Mugshot With Tagline ‘Even The Greatest Can Fall’

But was it a compliment or an insult?

Jay-Z and Beyonce named and shamed Justin Bieber as part of their On The Road tour routine.

The couple projected a mug shot of Bieber accompanied with the tagline: ‘Even the greatest can fall’.

Seemingly pretty damning stuff, we are sure you would agree.

However, also just the thing to get everyone talking about the tour which has so far reportedly boasted poor ticket sales.

Justin Bieber fans had a somewhat mixed response to the statement with some being mega chuffed that Bey referred to JB as ‘the greatest’ while others were more well, peeved with her labeling.

‘The fact that @justinbieber’s mugshot was shown at @Beyonce’s concert followed by “even the greatest fall.” that’s just f*****,’ one fan wrote on Twitter, while another suggested, ‘Justin is gonna freak’

However, Justin wasn’t alone in the segment – he was also joined by mugshots of Tupac, Robert Downey Jr, Russell Brand and even Jay Z himself.

In that company we are starting to think this was less of a ‘diss’ and more of a weird, arty compliment.

And it would seem that Justin didn’t ‘freak’ at the news and indeed, took his inclusion as a bit of a tribute after he retweeted the image to his Twitter followers.

So far Beyonce and Jay-Z have impressed critics and fans alike and their 42-song setlist and tour couldn’t have got off to a better start.

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