Jennifer Ellison’s Shock Pregnancy: ‘I Went For A Cyst Scan And They Found A Baby!’

Just months ago she was told conceiving another baby would not be possible.

But Jennifer Ellison is now pregnant with her third child after miraculously defying all rules of medicine (sort of).

The former Brookside actress, who has two boys with hubby Robbie Tickle, has – naturally – posed for a spread in OK! Magazine to confess her utter shock at finding out that she is SIX MONTHS pregnant.

She revealed: “I have really bad ovarian cysts and the doctors said I wouldn’t be able to conceive again – then this happens!

“I’ve never really had regular periods because I don’t ovulate, but I knew I’d missed a couple and I had a swollen tummy so I did two pregnancy tests with Rob and they were negative.

“I went to the hopsital to have the cysts scanned and they found a baby! You don’t think you have to be super careful with contraception when you’re told you can’t conceive.”

Jennifer Ellison's Shock Pregnancy: 'I Went For A Cyst Scan And They Found A Baby!'
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Showing off her growing bump with her two sons, Bobby, four, and Harry, 11 months, by her side in the mag, the 30-year-old says she’s thrilled to be welcoming another tiny bundle into the family.

And although they can’t wait to have another – which she says she thinks will be another boy – Jennifer will be keeping tabs on her womb from now on.

She added: “That’s it now – I’m seeking other types of contraception when this baby is born because I don’t believe the doctors any more.”

The pair are yet to find out the sex of the baby, but Jennifer is adament it’ll be a third boy, admitting she’ll probably have enough boys to form a new boyband when she’s done.

She joked: “We could get a boy band going! I can’t picture myself with a girl. Plus Harry and this baby will be so close in age, it would be nice if it’s a boy.”

Jennifer is so convinced about the gender that she’s let her best friend do the revealing at a special themed baby shower.

She revealed: “My friends are throwing me a ‘gender reveal’ baby shower, it’s where you cut into a cake and the sponge will either be pink or blue, and that’s how you find out the sex.

“At my last scan, we got a card with the sex written on it, which I passed to my best friend to make the cake.”

Jennifer recently unveiled her epic weight loss results after embarking on the 800-calorie-a-day Cambridge Diet to get back down to a size 10 (she was more a 6 than a 10, fyi).

She said: “I haven’t got on the scales but I know I trained before and lost weight so I can do it again. But, so what? I love being a mum – there are more important things to worry about.”

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