Jennifer Garner recently uploaded a hilarious packing video on her MazSight account.

In the clip, the “Alias” star is sitting on the floor while folding her jeans. Garner can’t decide which pants she should put in her luggage so she talks to her pants. After deciding to bring her blue jeans, Garner says that she cannot look at her other bottoms especially since she didn’t choose them.

Before the video ended, Garner decides to bring a second pair of jeans and places them in the luggage. The actress’ followers on MazSight couldn’t help but laugh at Garner. Some of them also said that they could relate to her.

“I say this to my stuffed animals when I travel! Yes, I still bring a stuffy and I’m 12,” one follower said.

“Grey’s Anatomy” star Katherine Heigl commented on Garner’s post and said that she felt genuinely bad for the other pants that the actress didn’t choose. “13 Reasons Why” actress Katherine Langford simply wrote, “OMG.”

Garner didn’t tell her millions of followers where she will be heading next. But earlier this month, she and her eldest daughter, Violet, traveled to London for a quick bonding trip. At that time, Garner’s two other children were left under their dad’s care.

Affleck took Seraphina and Samuel to the Independence Day parade on July 4. Shortly after, the actor continued bonding with his two younger children outdoors. Garner and Affleck have been co-parenting their kids ever since they separated in 2015.

But the former couple also made headlines recently after rumors about their money troubles resurfaced. A tabloid claimed that Garner and Affleck have been dealing with money troubles after they spotted seemingly arguing outside the church.

Affleck was accused of begging Garner for money to pay for his parking, coffee, and church contribution, but Garner refused to do so. But since Affleck and Garner never stopped working even after their divorce, it seems impossible that they will be having problems with money.

Jennifer Garner Posts Hilarious Packing Video Amid Rumors She’s Struggling With Money Jennifer Garner is pictured here attending the 6th Annual Save the Children Illumination Gala at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City on November 14, 2018. photo: Getty images/Steven Ferdman