Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Martin Are ‘In Love’, Apparently!

She was spotted singing along at one of his gigs last week.

And now it’s emerged that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin could be getting even MORE serious about their relationship.


According to a pal of his,  Chris is in actual LOVE with J-Law, and to be honest – we don’t blame him!

Speaking to noted truth-tellers US weekly,  a source said that the Coldplay front man was becoming a proper little lovesick puppy, and that “He’s fallen in love. It’s the real deal.”.

All together everyone – AWWWW.

How fantastic is that? And what’s more, Jennifer’s basically on Cloud 9 about the whole thing too.

After what can only be described as a ‘difficult’ month, the relationship is a “fantasy come true” for the 24-year-old Oscar-winning actress, who apparently has had a crush on Chris since she was a teenager.

Really? Chris Martin? Well, each to their own we suppose…

Jen was spotted watching the band perform at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas yesterday, and was spotted out and about near Chris Martin’s pad a couple of days ago.

Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Martin Are 'In Love', Apparently!
By MazSight

J-Law looked casual and kept her face covered by some large sunglasses as she appeared to let her T-Shirt do the talking, emblazoned with a quote from Roald Dahl’s The Twits her apt clothing read: “’If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

Looks like Jen’s been having quite a few nice thoughts recently – MAYBE ABOUT CHRIS MARTIN HMMM?

Anyway, we say ‘yay’ for this couple and cannot wait to see more of them being all lovey and stuff.

Here’s to YOU guys! *raises glass*

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