Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Martin Split Up And Apparently JEN Dumped CHRIS

So the most random romance in showbiz appears to have ended just as abruptly as it started.

Jennifer Lawrence has apparently split up with Coldplay’s Chris Martin after four months together.

This is a sad day for us all.

The 24-year-old Hunger games actress is reported to have broken it off with Chris according to a source who had a good ol’ natter with People magazine, and considering the couple were spotted together less than a week ago, it’s all very fresh.

And the reason behind the split appears to be the typical showbiz excuse of ‘insane schedules’, with the insider adding: “They really like each other but it’s just so complicated with so much going on.”

Hmm, we’ve definitely heard *that* one before. 

Jen started dating the 37-year-old Coldplay frontman back in June, but the duo kept their relationship private until August, and even then they opted to keep their romance relatively low-key.

The ‘Fix You’ singer provided Jennifer with a no-doubt welcome shoulder to cry on amidst the #CelebGate drama, which saw dozens of half naked and fully nude images of the actress be leaked onto the internet in the biggest hacking scandal in celebrity history.

And although Chris didn’t have quite the same level of drama going on, Jen was still on hand to support her beau by cheering him on backstage at a variety of gigs and festivals, including Chris’s performance with Kings Of Leon at the Hollywood Bowl earlier this month.

Despite the fact that their ker-azy schedules are keeping the lovebirds from being together, it’s unfortunate that the split comes just weeks after Jen bit the bullet and introduced her much older boyfriend to her parents.

The actress flew her mum over to Los Angeles so that the two could meet, and Chris apparently got mama Lawrence’s seal of approval, with Jen’s grandparents going so far as to suggest that the British singer would be joining them for Christmas.

Jennifer’s grandmother, Carolyn Kloch, told The Sun: “Jennifer’s mum flew to Los Angeles to meet Chris. We will have to get another chair for the dinner table at Christmas!

“The family is getting so big we might have to split up for gatherings.”

In fact, it all sounded so serious, we swear that we were *this* close to buying a hat. 

Sigh, maybe next time.

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