Jennifer Lawrence Channels Kim Kardashian As She Goes Apartment Hunting In Stilettos

Jennifer Lawrence first captured the hearts of her fans when she continuously reassured us all just how bloomin’ normal she is.

She told us all about how much she loved pizza and chips, tripped over on more than one occasion, and when she wasn’t at a glitzy A-List event she was normally being papped in casual jeans, a T-Shirt, and comfortable flats.

So what we want to say to the girl in these pictures is who the ‘eck are you and what the ‘eck have you done with J-Law, hmm?

Yes, believe it or not, that girl stepping out in the middle of the day with her perfectly styled hair, plunging crop top, bodycon skirt, glam accessories, and teetering stiletto heels isn’t fashionista Kim Kardashian, it’s actual Jennifer Lawrence as she embarked on a casual apartment hunt around New York City.

Honestly? We are at a little bit of a loss for words.

This is the second time in less than a week that Jennifer’s subtle ‘I’m-not-looking-to-be-papped’ look has raised eyebrows with her fans, with the 24-year-old actress stepping out in a boob-tastic dress, complete with mustache and monobrow drawn onto her face in pen following dinner with her parents.

We mean, Jen’s got a pretty fab bod and is looking absolutely gorge in all of the shots – mustache one included – but it just seems a little bit, well, odd?

The notoriously private star appears to be embracing the fame side of her job ever so slightly more of late, and to be entirely honest, we just can’t figure out why…


Elizabeth Wagmeister

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