Jennifer Lawrence Naked Photos LEAKED In Biggest Celebrity Hacking Scandal Ever

It has not been a good night for the iCloud-using women of celeb land.

Dozens of celebrity nudes emerged online last night following what has already been called the “biggest celebrity hacking scandal in history”.

The hacker appears to have gained access to over 100 celebrity iCloud accounts and stolen the naked photos, with stars including Kate Upton and Ariana Grande being targeted – although Ariana has since claimed that these images are not real.

However, nobody was affected quite as badly as poor Jennifer Lawrence who had SO MANY half-naked or fully nude photos appear online we have kind of lost count.

The hacker revealed a screenshot of his computer which proved that he had over 60 files of Jennifer Lawrence alone, includng videos that are yet to be released.

And unfortunately for Jen, unlike 5SOS’s Calum Hood, who had a naked video leak on Friday, her face is very clearly in the photos and there is no denying that it  is her.

An angry representative of J-Law has released a statement, saying: “This is a flagrant violation of privacy.

“The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence.”

Although this threat didn’t really appear to stop anybody from sharing the photos all across the internet – including popular social media sites such as Twitter and Tumblr.

Most of the images appeared to be taken by a second person, which left us wondering a thing or two:

Did ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult take these??

Or (vom) rumoured new squeeze Chris Martin?

Who on earth has over 60 naked selfies stored on their computer?

And finally, what kind of person would HACK into anybody’s iCloud account and then share such intimate and private photos with the entire world?

Not cool, mystery hacker, not cool at all.

Don’t worry Jen, we’re totally on your side with this one.

And the majority of the internet seems to be too.


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