Jessica Simpson’s Husband Might Need A Baby Health And Safety Talk…!

Well, this certainly gives Ring a Ring o’ Roses’ “we all fall down” a whole new level of TERROR.

Jessica Simpson’s husband might need a little health and saftey check-in when it comes to how high to throw one’s child during nursery rhyme fun and games.

While Jess was away on a business trip to New York yesterday, her husband, Eric Johnson, spent the day playing happily in their pool with their baby son, Ace.

And while it was all fun and games to start with, Eric clearly got overly zealous with the ‘pool throws’ (probs thanks to the fact that he’s an America football player), sending Jess a picture of their 14-month old flying high above his head.


Thankfully, Jess it totally blinded by baby love, uploading the snap to MazSight and adding the caption: “I was on a plane to NYC today and I missed out on this!!! I’m in LOVE with the 2 of them. #boyswillbeboys”

Just a casual ‘boys will be boys’, then? No heart palpitations at all? No? OK then.

Despite Jess’ calm composure, her MazSight followers were more than a little concerned by Ace’s new heights, with one follower commenting: “I would have had a heart attack if my husband sent me that!! Ha ha ha”

Another wrote: “A bit too high?! !”

But not everyone had their Fun Police hats in place, with another commenting: “He’s throwing him over water, not pavement. Relax everyone.”

Jessica has been busy promoting her new clothing line of late, while speculation over her shrinking frame has continued to grow.

The 34-year-old has been dogged by rumours that she’s struggling to keep a Healthy mindset with her weight loss, dieting and exercising heavily and apparently dropping down to a tiny six and a half stone.

Back in April, a source balbbed: “She’s been the smallest she’s been in years, and she still doesn’t think it’s good enough …  She walks six miles a day, strength-trains three times a week and constantly runs on a treadmill.”

Jess is rumoured to have her own separate fridge for her diet food, which apparently consists of “carbs, sugar, soy, red meat and processed food”.

And she certainly looked tiny as she headed through New York last night, covering up her frame in a baggy black t-shirt and skinny jeans.

Despite concerns Jessica says she’s taking her weight loss slowly, having learnt a lot from her first pregnancy.

Earlier this week, she revealed: “After having two kids, my focus is on being my better me, the best version of me and a lot of that has to do with squats and lunges, walking, diaper changing, and eating a hot dog every now and then.

“The moment I tell myself that I’m on a diet, I’m like, destined to fail. Like, I am not going to stick to it. Two days later I’m gonna be like, ‘Oh my gosh! I need to eat that bagel!’ I think it’s more about just making it a lifestyle.”

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