Jessie J And Adele TERMINATE Their Friendship!

Never mind babes, we’re sure she’ll find ‘Someone Like You’ to replace you with (OK, we’ll stop with these godawful ‘puns’ now).

Jessie J and Adele used to be pretty good pals back in the day – but not anymore it seems.

The ‘Domino’ warbler is apparently done with mother-of-one Adele, despite having a friendship with the singer that has lasted for ten years, and had endured despite both of them finding success in the music business.

The former pals first met at the BRIT School in Croydon, (you know, the one where EEEEEVERYONE went? Katy B, Leona Lewis, Amy Winehouse, Rizzle Kicks blah blah blah) and – according to Jessie’s autobiography ‘Nice To Meet You’ – used to ‘jam’ during their lunch break together:

“I knew Adele; we were in the same year. We used to hang out at lunchtimes and have a little jam. We’d sing songs we’d written or perform whatever we were working on.”

How very ‘Fame Academy’ of them.

Anyway, The Daily Star reported today that Jessie is now all annoyed because Adele didn’t make enough effort to stay in touch with her after she hit the big time. An elusive source claimed: “They used to be close – but now Jessie never hears from Adele, which she finds frustrating. It’s almost as if she’s too busy for their friendship since her phenomenal worldwide success.”


Well never mind Jessie, aren’t you bessie mates with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj now? WHO NEEDS ADELE?!

(We would like to categorically state that we definitely WOULD like Adele as our best friend FYI).

Hopefully Jessie can stop thinking about other people’s success and that damn ‘Price Tag’ that she’s always bleating on about, and just pop round to Adele’s with a couple of rusks and bottle of Pinot Grigio.


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