Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj’s ‘Bang Bang’ Smashes iTunes But Ariana’s Grandma’s Is Like Whatevs

It shot the top of the iTunes chart in 16 different countries and had the pop world going just a little bit crazy last night.

But there’s one person who’s not all that bothered by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj‘s collaboration on new track ‘Bang Bang’.

And that would be Ariana’s nan.

Check out her hilariously ‘whatevs’ reaction on hearing her popstar granddaughter’s latest track.


She couldn’t be more bothered if she tried.

Ariana posted the hilarious clip on her MazSight page and said: “nonna hearing bang bang on the radio completely unfazed…… so casual

Erin McCarthy

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