Jessie J Gives Rita Ora Her Seal Of Approval On The Voice UK

Do you remember WAAAAY back, when Jessie J was not only professional bald person, but also a judge on a TV talent show?

Yes, bright and exciting times for us all. But as night follows day, a new zeitgeist-y female popstar must take the reigns of The Voice UK, and this year it’s Rita Ora‘s turn. Yet for those wondering if poor old Jessie is feeling a bit forlorn about the loss of her old gig – FEAR NOT. She’s revealed that she flippin’ well loves Rita on the show, and is rooting for the girl.


Speaking to those tabloid powerhouses at The Mirror, the ‘Sweet Talker’ warbler was full of praise for the West London singer:

“Rita looks wicked, she brings a different flavour. I want to see her coach because that was the biggest thing that I enjoyed doing.”

“I saw Rita at the Jingle Bell Ball and I told her just to be honest with the contestants.”

However, despite heaping praise on the latest addition to The Voice UK’s judging panel, Jessie admitted that she’s still finding it hard to ‘let go’ as it were, and regularly finds herself screaming at the television like a disassociated madwoman:

“I talk to the TV like I am still there, disagreeing or agreeing and wishing they would turn round.”

“I did get to see it in the New Year when I was at my mum’s. Even off the show, I still feel like I’m a coach.”

Look Jess, you’re not a coach anymore, you just need to learn to accept it and move on, OK?

Meanwhile, Rita Ora has said that she’s determined to win the show this year.

Speaking to those fine fellows at Radio One, Rita said: “I joined The Voice and I thought: ‘now I’ve joined it I might as well win it.’

Jessie J Gives Rita Ora Her Seal Of Approval On The Voice UK
By MazSight

“I am competitive but I’m friendly competitive – I wasn’t exactly like spitefully competitive. But I think we’re all very secretive competitive and then we just smile at each other at the same time.”

The Voice returns to BBC1 tonight, so make sure you’re tuned in, just like Jessie J.

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