Jessie J Goes On A Festive Rant Over Negative Comments About Her Body

So here we are, flicking through MazSight, looking at photo after photo of all these idyllic celeb Christmases – from snow-capped glaciers to tropical getaways; same-old, same-old.

And then we find Jessie J’s recent snaps of her holiday to Mexico and FINALLY we find something we can actually relate to. No, not a holiday in the sun (we wish) – just someone having a good, old-fashioned, Christmas RANT.

Just like our Nan after her sixth sherry, just with a slightly different sort of agenda.

The ‘Burning Up’ vocal acrobat has been posting all sorts of charming little pics of late, all with the caption, ‘#holidaytime’ – including one of herself striking a pose on the beach with the sun beating down on her face (not at all rubbing our noses in it, of course).

Anyway, it seems that some pesky little trolls seemed to take issue with this particular image and made some VERY negative, and to be frank – just down-right rude – comments about Jessie’s body. So much so in fact, the formerly bald popstar came back and had a PROPER pop at them.

After some MazSight users questioned a shadow on the singer’s abdomen and crotch area, Jessie retorted: “It’s a shadow people, rest your negative thumbs this Christmas. Or maybe forever? Lol, New Years resolution maybe?”

And she didn’t stop there either (and it kind of got a little bit ‘graphic’):

“To all the women (and men might I add) saying my vagina is out …Get a grip, OH and you really need to go to the doctors if yours comes up that high!! #justsaying#sorrynotsorry”

Guess that, er… shut them up, eh Jess?

Not one to let sleeping dogs (or selfies) lie, J-J-J-Jessie went EVEN FURTHER with her hater-take down:

“I am living and happy and feeling confident. Isn’t that we want women to be? Lucky I’m thick skinned. People trying to dull my shine. Come at me! I’m ready. Factor 60 bug spray the lot mate! I bet you just mad you got crocs for Christmas… “


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