Jessie J Publicly Slams ‘Entertaining’ Fan She Overheard ‘Talking Mean’ About Her In Supermarket

Jessie J has taken to MazSight to blast a mystery australian who she overheard badmouthing her in a supermarket down under.


The singer, who is in Oz while she acts as mentor in the Australian version of ‘The Voice’, was minding her own business as she did a big food shop in Coles, when she heard a girl on the phone to her friend absolutely refusing to believe that it was the real Jessie J standing in front of her very eyes.

Newsflash: it ruddy was.

Although, to be fair to the girl, it is always a bit weird when you see these celebs out and about doing normal things, isn’t it?

Taking to her social media page, Jessie shared a snapshot of her freshly prepared meal alongside the pretty lengthy caption: “To the girl who stood next to me in the super market for a good 5 minutes talking about me on the phone convinced it wasn’t me.

“*In Australian accent* ‘But why would she be in here, don’t people like her have people to do stuff for her’ It was me and yes I could hear you talking mean about me. It was entertaining.

“And I often buy food in super markets and then go home and cook it for my team. How diva of me. And I had flip flops on in the rain and no makeup on.

“Dun dun duuuuuuun! [Sic]“

Ahh, how embarrassing.

The singer didn’t specify what it was that the mean girl was saying about her, but it’s good to see that she can take it all on the chin, eh?

To reinforce how totes normal she is, the 26-year-old followed up her mammoth post with another snapshot of herself in the supermarket, pushing the trolley and e’rything, writing: “I love food shopping

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