Jessie J’s Birthday: Her Poutiest Instagram Pics

She’s got a luscious pair of lips.

And Jessie J ain’t afraid to show ‘em off to their full advantage in a pouting pic or 3,000 on MazSight, whether she’s bidding the world goodnight or out on the slopes skiing.

As Jessie celebrates her 27th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her poutiest pics.

1. Jessie’s Jaw game Pout

“Jaw game so strong #singapore”

If there’s one thing pouting does, it’s accentuate the jaw line.

And Jessie got the selfie angle just right for this pouting pic of her strong jaw game in Singapore in March 2015. We’d add that the cheek bone game is pretty strong too, TBH.

2. Jessie’s Creamy Pout

“Oilatum has saved my face since I was a kid. Ain’t nobody got time for a dry face.”

If you’re wondering how to make your pouting lips stand out even more, this is your answer.

Simply smother the rest of your face in cream so thick it resembles and face mask then get your best pout on to poke through all that Oilatum goodness. Jessie will show you how.

3. Jessie’s Helmet Pout

“Grammy outfit?….”

There’s simply no excuse not to pout, regardless of your headwear. Need proof?

Jessie still managed to pout away despite her face being covered by the visor of her skiing helmet on holiday in February 2015.

In fact, this particular pout is even more special, as it’s a Snarl Pout.

4. Jessie’s Backstage Pout

“@nickiminaj #vmas backstage selfie”

There’s plenty to learn from this pouting selfie from the MTV Video Music Awards in January 2015, pout fans.

First off, note the bright red lippy, all the better to show off those pouting lips.

Secondly, note the camera angle. Up high, as all good selfies should be, and all the better to capture those lips to full perfection.

Thirdly, note the selfie buddy. No pout there. If Nicki Minaj had puckered up too, there could have been a pout off, and ain’t no-one wanna come second place in a pout off, girlfriend.

5. Jessie’s Pouting Poses

“Last show #jingleball #tampa”

It’s the age-old question of whether face tilted up or down is the best angle for a pouting pose.

Unsure which pouting pose to share on your social media? Follow Jessie’s lead and post both.

Keep sharing the pouts Jessie, and we’ll keep practising ours in the mirror.

David Dickinson

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