Jimmy Fallon Discovers That Nicole Kidman Wanted To Date Him And He Blew Her Off – AWKS

Jimmy Fallon was left red-faced when Nicole Kidman made an appearance on his show and the two started to reminisce about their last meeting – which was a whopping TEN YEARS ago.

But the trip down memory lane appeared to be slightly different for the two stars, with Jimmy recounting how their mutual friend had called him to say that Nicole was going to go round to his apartment for them to discuss a movie role, only for Nicole to reveal that she really fancied the ruddy pants off him and was looking for a way in.


We didn’t think things like this actually happened in real life.

After Jimmy shared his version of the story, which involved friendly atmosphere, business discussion, and… Erm… Brie, the stonkin’ gorgeous Nicole revealed her true intentions.

She begins to tell the host: “I just remember that I liked you. Not now, because i’m married…”

Only for Jim to realise what she is saying and interject with a pretty confused: “Wait, WHAT??”

The actress continues: “Our mutual friend said Jimmy wants to meet you and you can go to his apartment.

“So I go over and you’re there in a baseball cap and like nothing…You wouldn’t talk! You didn’t say anything.

“You were like, ‘Hey, hmm. Hmm. And then you put a video game on or something and I’m like, ‘This is so bad.’ It was bad.

“I swear and you didn’t talk at all so after about an hour and a half I thought, ‘He has no interest. This is so embarrassing.’ And I left and went, ‘No chemistry’ and then I was like, ‘Maybe he’s gay!’”

All the while Jimmy is having a mini panic attack whilst exclaiming: “Did I date Nicole Kidman?!”

Ermm…. Doesn’t sound like the best of dates, to be honest Jimbo.

Thankfully, the hugely embarrassing story does have a happy ending with both Nicole and Jimmy being happily married with kids now, ten years on… But by God we can’t imagine how much the 40-year-old will be kicking himself for being, well, such an absolute fool.

You have Nicole Kidman in your house and you put on a bloomin’  video game?!

We seriously hope that his mates never let him live this one down.

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