Jodie Marsh Shares Some Boob-Tastic Snaps Of Her New Year Holiday- Prepare To Avert Your Gaze

Whilst the rest of us are sitting at home watching re-runs of Dinner Date, looking wearily out of the window at the rain hammering down outside, the citizens of Celebrity Land are sunning themselves on beaches in far-off lands, feeling #blessed.

No-one more so than our favourite body-builder/documentary maker Jodie Marsh, who is seemingly having the time of her life on her holidays.

So much so, in fact, that she has decided to make our Saturday all the richer by sharing some very revealing snaps of herself enjoying the fruits of her labourious 2014.

Sending teenage boys (and maybe a few teenage girls, too) up and down the country into a frenzy frantically searching “ WHERE IS JODIE MARSH AND HER BOOBS ON HOLS”, the pouty Page 3 alumnus shared some bikini snaps on her MazSight, making it quite clear that she was feeling very ‘body confident’.

We hope that there weren’t any short sighted hermit crabs around this beach, otherwise she might have poked their eyes out when she rolled over.

Seriously, whoever designed these bikinis needs to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics next year – WHAT A FEAT OF ENGINEERING THIS ALL IS.

(However, we’re not really sure what the chain ‘bit’ on her bikini is for – perhaps to hold everything up?)

Either way, The Marsh looks like she’s having a fab time on her hols, so good for her. Our only wish is that perhaps next year she’ll invite us along – except we’ll probably just stick to wearing a kaftan or a bedsheet on the beach if we’re lying next to her sun lounger.

[Jodie Marsh poses with gun. CUE THE OUTRAGE!]
[Jodie Marsh wants to become an MP. No, we're not joking]

Jolene Creighton

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