Joey Essex And Sam Faiers Share VERY Intimate Sex Selfie

We really didn’t need to see this.

As two of our favourite reality TV stars we are kind of used to seeing everything there is to see when it comes to Joey Essex and Sam Faiers’ on/off relationship.

However, there are some things that should just really be kept behind close doors, and post/ pre/ during (?!) sex selfies are deffo one of them.

Is it so unreasonable to request that we DON’T see images of the two of them wrapped up in eachothers bodies totally naked?

Because we think that it’s actually pretty reasonable. 

The (quite literally) golden couple have just recently returned from a romantic holiday in, erm, Ibiza and Sam seemed eager to show off their all over tans, and Joey’s suspiciously groomed eyebrows, as she posted the pic alongside the caption: “Night time cuddles… My fav xx”

This isn’t the first time the two have posted a bed selfie though, with Joey sharing the above snap back in April to confirm that he and Sam’s very volatile relationship was definitely back on.

But Sam was very much clothed in that one – she was even wearing a scrunchie for goodness’ sake!

Joey and Sam aren’t the only celebs guilty of posting intimate loved up pics on MazSight, fellow ex-TOWIE star, Mark Wright, and fiance Michelle Keegan are also guilty of one or two of those, with Michelle cleverly opting for the black and white filter to try and make them look a bit more “arty” as well as, some might say, “totally unnecessary”.

However, after careful consideration that took absolutely no time at all we can conclude that Sam and Joey’s sex selfie is DEFFO the most, ahem, graphic? Naked? Sick-inducing? Snap of the bunch and we really hope that they realise that there are some things in life that should just be kept private.

Seriously, they know the defintion of “reem” but not of “TMI”?



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