Joey Essex Speaks Frankly About His Mother’s Suicide: ‘I Was Baffled’

Joey Essex has been opening up about the death of his mum, which happened when he was only 11 years old.

Brave Joey admitted that he was ‘baffled’ by his mum Tina’s passing – who sadly took her own life after struggling with history of depression.

However, despite the confusion Joey felt, he’s never felt angry at his mum – he just misses her.
Speaking to The Times, Joey said: “Nah, nah, not anger. Obviously I miss her. I’m a lot like my mum, but I’ve got my dad’s confidence.”

“I was only young. I didn’t realise what was going on. I was baffled.”

It’s not the first time the 24-year-old has spoken about the tragedy. In his book, ‘Being Reem’, Joey said:

“We didn’t know mum had committed suicide for about two years. Dad didn’t tell us how it happened to start with, he just said she fell over in an accident.”

Joey Essex Speaks Frankly About His Mother's Suicide: 'I Was Baffled'
By MazSight

“I guess he was trying to protect us and I don’t think he wanted to deal with it himself. I was convinced she was staying in a hotel and was coming back.”

“Some people reckoned I stopped learning because of what happened to my mum. Almost like I froze in time. I don’t know about that but I remember it hitting me really hard.”


Meanwhile, everyone’s favourite Essex boy told us the other week that he doesn’t really care if people think he’s stupid.

Speaking about the backlash following his various election gaffes, Joey explained to us: “I don’t really care if people think I’m pretending to be stupid, it doesn’t really bother me because what are they gonna say?”

Joey Essex Speaks Frankly About His Mother's Suicide: 'I Was Baffled'
By MazSight

“I am who I am on TV and when people say ‘Don’t you like it when people call you stupid?’ I say no, I love it. I think it’s brilliant because that’s what I am and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the person I am on TV.”

“I’m not academic and clever; if you put me in a maths test I’d probably get a U, but you put me on Celebrity Juice I’d own the show.”

“I got loads of things wrong when I was talking to the MPs for my show and I still don’t really know anything, but why are their names so long? Why don’t they just call them cats?”

“I think they make it too long, it’s a well confusing word. If I had a party I’d call them the ‘Reem Party’ and we’d make everything in the world reem so everyone would vote for us.”

Well we’d vote for you ANY day, Joe <3

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