Joey Essex Takes A Selfie With Nick Clegg From ‘The Liberal DemoCATS’ For ‘Educating Joey Essex’

Educating Joey Essex has been our guilty pleasure ever since the first episode aired, and with the General Election just a month away, Joey has decided to film what could very well be the best episode ever.

Yep, the former TOWIE star is going to be questioning Ed Miliband, Nigel Farage and Prime Minister David Cameron for an ITV2 special all about politics ahead of the May 7 election – and he’s already got a chat and a selfie with Nick Clegg under his belt.

We genuinely cannot wait for this.

Joey Essex Takes A Selfie With Nick Clegg From 'The Liberal DemoCATS' For 'Educating Joey Essex'
By MazSight

Joey’s first lesson? The name of Nick’s party. That’s the Liberal DemocRats, Joey, not the DemocAts.

We’re not sure what Democats are, but we’re assuming they’re a group of cats who record their own demo singles. Or maybe it’s a demo version of that ‘Cats’ game we used to play on our 90s computer.

Maybe Democats is slang for kittens.

Ahem. Anyway, Joey was attending a press conference for the Deputy Prime Minister and his political party as part of his Educating Joey Essex series when he made the faux pas.

The 24-year-old asked: “Why are they called the Liberal Democrats? It’s a long word, innit? It’s two words!”

Oh Joey.

Nick, 48, replied: “There used to be a Liberal Party and then the Social Democrats and they got together,” but was caught unawares and left confused later in their conversation when the reality TV star asked why the Lib Dems’ had ‘cat’s in their name.

Joey said: “I was wondering that. I thought it was quite a weird word in it – it’s got cats in it. What’s the cats about?”

Laughing, Nick replied: “It’s not ‘cats’, it’s ‘crats’.”

You learn something new every day, eh?

Luckily, Nick and the Liberal Democrats have seen a funny side to Joey’s misunderstanding, and have even changed the logo on their webpage to one of a cat. AMAZING.

Joey Essex Takes A Selfie With Nick Clegg From 'The Liberal DemoCATS' For 'Educating Joey Essex'
By MazSight

As well as being truly educated, Joey even managed to blag a selfie with the Deputy Prime Minister, taking the opportunity to introduce the ‘strapsie’ into Nick’s life.

The accessory is apparently used to stop people dropping their phones when they’re taking selfies, which actually sounds like quite a good idea.

We’re not sure how many selfies Nick takes on a daily basis, but you just never know when these things will come in handy.

On a more serious note, Joey is hoping the series will teach him more about politics and will help him decide who he should vote for, which is an important decision to make.

He recently said: “I’ve never voted before, but I’m really excited about getting to meet some of the most important people in the country to help me make my decision. I reckon I’ll take some pretty reem selfies too.”

Nice one, Joey.

Joey will also get the chance to tour the Houses of Parliament during the series, and has already admitted that all he knows about Ed Miliband’s party is that it’s red.

Well, it’s a start.

The general election takes place on May 7, and you’ve got until 20 April to register to vote HERE if you haven’t done so already.

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