Johnny Depp Is Noticeably Drunk As He Slurs Through Awkward Hollywood Film Awards Speech – WATCH

And we thought that token drunk uncle who always makes a speech at Weddings was bad… 

Acting legend, Johnny Depp, caused quite a stir during Friday night’s Hollywood Film Awards when he took to the stage to honour Hollywood icon, Shep Gordon, totally wasted.

The 51-year-old was barely able to stand up straight as he slurred through his speech, opening with: “That’s the weirdest microphone that I have ever seen in my life,” before rambling on for over a minute as the bemused audience looked on.

Throughout, Johnny is seen to be trying to focus on the autocue, even pausing every now and then to ask what the machine said as he clearly struggled to read the words in his worse-for-wear state. 

The actor’s speech was then censored by network CBS as he let slip a naughty word or two… Or three… Before he was cut off entirely after seemingly giving up and saying: “I mean, it’s one of those nights.”

Eek, it certainly is…

Shep Gordon was being honoured as the subject of Mike Myers’ latest documentary, and was caught on camera laughing along as Johnny gave the tipsy presentation, clearly taking it all in good spirits.

After all, who isn’t guilty of making a scene after having one too many shandys, eh?

And although there were a few negative Nancy’s who slammed Johnny for bringing back his famous character of drunken Captain Jack Sparrow for one night only, there were plenty of people leaping to the star’s defense:

And although the video is incredibly awkward and will no doubt haunt the actor for the rest of his career, we can’t help but laugh along with the crowd at his absolutely hilarious performance.

After all, we probably weren’t in a much better state ourselves on Friday night, so who are we to judge?

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