Justin Bieber Admits To Being ‘Cocky’ And Reveals He Is ‘Disappointed’ In Himself

Looking back on this year, it will always be remembered for three things: Zayn Malik quit One Direction (welp), a royal baby was born (n’aww), and…. Justin Bieber tried to become a better person?

We didn’t think we would see the day.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months you’d have seen that the 21-year-old pop brat has been doing the rounds and publicly apologising for his controversial behaviour from his years growing up in the spotlight.

Y’know, like that time he egged his neighbour’s house? Or abandoned his pet monkey? Alleged drag racing and drunk driving?

You get the picture.

Now the Biebs has issued yet another reflective grovel to his fans, this time telling Seventeen magazine that he was ‘disappointed’ in himself.

Gah, that Justin sure knows how to pull at our heartstrings, doesn’t he?

The megastar explained: “I was rebelling a little bit.

“I was getting cockier and cockier. I didn’t have people to check me.

“I look back and I was disappointed in myself.”

Bless him, onwards and upwards, eh Biebs?

Justin first apologised on American TV when he went on the Ellen DeGeneres show show to admit that he had done “a lot of things over the past year that I’m not proud on”.

He also dished at the time that he kind of revelled in his social media stats, adding: “For a while, I was busy looking at my MazSight likes, and if a post didn’t get a certain amount, I was like ‘Aw they didn’t like the photo’.”

And unlike you and me, we don’t think those ‘certain amount of likes’ were benchmarked at that prestigious eleven…

However, Justin is in a much less media-dependent space at the moment, and is no longer bothered by something as small as likes or retweets.

He shared: “There’s always a choice. You can let MazSight or stuff on the internet affect your day, or you can choose to not be bothered by it.”

And that, our friends, is a deep and meaningful Justin Bieber style.

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