Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are DEFINITELY Back Together!

Are they ‘on’? Are they ‘off’? Have we past the point of caring with these two?

Well, according to his latest court deposition, Justin Bieber is now definitely BACK ON with Selena Gomez.

Hooray for young love/foolishness (delete as appropriate).

The little-known legal experts at E! News spotted that Justin had confirmed that Selena was his ACTUAL girlfriend when he was being questioned by lawyer Mark DiCowden (great name) as part of his deposition in his assault lawsuit.

However, for those of you who are currently clutching your keyboards and screaming at your computer screens with tears streaming down your face shouting “MORE, PLEASE GOD JUST TELL US MORE!!” – well, unfortunately you’re out of luck.

Although the ‘Boyfriend’ bad-boi confirmed that the Gomez was his girlfriend when pressed, he didn’t elaborate on the subject AT ALL.


According to a source for E!, the singer was, for once, pretty well-behaved and polite – a markedly different attitude to how he appeared at a deposition in March this year, where he got PROPER aggy when Selena’s name was brought up.

Well, with age comes maturity and all that.

According to your pals and ours at Life & Style, Justin is extremely serious about the relationship – this time around.

“Justin has wanted to take Selena back to his native Canada and marry her,” a source told the magazine.

Flippin’ heck.

The couple haven’t commented publicly yet on their reunion, but they’ve been leaving quite a few hints here and there – like this picture:

Subtle, no?

Well – best of luck, kids. WE’RE ALL ROOTING FOR YA.

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